Export sales and a stable UK supply chain lead the way as Terry Lifts emerges from lockdown

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Terry Lifts has found how export and UK sales alongside a stable UK supply chain has led the way for the firm’s COVID recovery.

It explained that during lockdown, the Cheshire-based lift manufacturer experienced increased demand from overseas for its lifts, detailing how Australia, Italy, France and South Korea were the predominant nations with increased interest.

Overseas sales were so significant that the export market drove the first wave of production staff to return to work. The company carefully increased its workforce to keep up with demand with exports accounting for a large proportion of manufactured lifts.   

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Peter Morrey, managing director at Terry Lifts, said: “During the peak of the crisis, we only stopped manufacturing lifts for a few weeks but due to our robust manufacturing and operations processes, we still had stock ready to go. This enabled us to fulfil orders from those export customers who were able to accept deliveries.”

During this period, Terry Lifts continued to manufacture spare parts for its service engineers, alongside UK and overseas customers.

Morrey continued: “It was critical that we maintained the service and repair of lifts for vulnerable users.  Fortunately, taking the necessary precautions, we found a way of working which kept both our staff and customers safe.”

The company attributes much of its capability and achievements during lockdown to the stability of its supply chain – 100% of which is based in the UK for the homelift products.

On this, Morrey explained: “We did not experience any detrimental supply issues, unlike some companies who were adversely affected by import complications.

“This is testament to our decision to utilise a UK-based supply chain, and while many of our suppliers were operating at reduced capacity, we worked with them carefully to coordinate our orders and deliveries to minimise problems.”

The lift manufacturer went on to comment how it remains committed to its R&D programme and brought back members of its technical and design team as soon as was practical.

They continue to provide technical support to the customer service and lift teams alongside developing new products.

Morrey concluded: “Despite global economic uncertainty, we remain positive about the trading year ahead.  We are a British manufacturer with a UK-based supply chain and this, we believe, is a powerful place to be as customers seek the assurance of British-made products. 

“We have built a strong forward sales position and we look forward to proceeding along the road to recovery, determined to deliver our long-term, sustainable goals.”

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