EXCLUSIVE: ‘UK dealers following US trend of dropping stairlifts for homelifts’

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More UK mobility dealers could soon swap selling stairlifts for homelifts if the home market continues to follow the same trend as the US.

That’s according to Gino Farruggio, UK trade sales director at Siltz Homelifts, who believes that both the public and retailers are increasingly aware of homelift solutions and their greater margins.

Stiltz, which also operates in the US, has seen some of its American partners switching from being stairlift-only dealers to becoming homelift-only sellers.

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Speaking at the Trade Days show this morning, Farruggio claimed the margins are “much greater” on a homelift than selling a straight or even a curved stairlift.

The key to success for homelift solutions will be the public and the trade becoming more accepting of the equipment.

Farruggio said: “Generally, homelifts are more accepted in the US than in the UK – that will happen here and we’re already starting to see that happen here.

“We’ve had a record month this month so we’re really seeing the business going from strength to strength. That will start to filter through and dealers will not ignore an opportunity like that.”

Rival company, Companion, which sells stairlifts, recently entered the homelifts market with its own solutions but Farruggio has welcomed the news, believing that it has helped to generate more awareness of homelifts within the mobility trade.

He said: “We’re not worried about competition, it’s going to happen. It has helped to show homelifts are now here as a serious contender to stairlifts.”

 Starilifts have traditionally been the thing for UK dealers. But we’ve found that our referral programme has been going really well, and we’ve been getting good results from it.

“Dealers have been making a good return from it too. On average, it’s about £1,000 that a dealer gets from passing a lead onto us. It’s quite lucrative for them really.

“Our aim is to really create a general awareness of homelifts in the general public. We’ve done our TV advertising campaign and we’ve seen a bigger increase in the hits we’re getting online and people searching for homelifts.

“We are seeing the public becoming more aware of homelifts and we’re seeing dealers becoming more aware.”

He added that while traditional dealers have sometimes been intimidated by the technical aspect of selling homelifts, Stitlz has “significant expertise” in making the process “painless” for partners..

“With our partner programme you can start from being a lead referrer to coming in-house, getting some training and then going out to sell them.

“We do have some dealers now who even want to go an install them in the UK then they can get training on that. They can take control of the whole sales cycle if they like.”

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