EXCLUSIVE: TPG boss expects industry quality to shine through after year of “uncertainty”

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Alastair Gibbs, managing director of TPG Disableaids is predicting that after a difficult year for business in 2019, quality will shine through in the end.

Speaking exclusively to Access and Mobility Professional to give his insight into what he thinks 2020 will have in-store for the industry, he explained how cuts and market uncertainty have made recent trade difficult but hopes this year can show signs of improvement.

He said: “There is no doubt that business has been difficult over the last year. The combination of local authority budget cuts, the Brexit uncertainty, the on-line cut priced outlets and ever increasing competition from small ‘Pop – Up’ shops with little or no overheads.

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“Without any hesitation I would say that quality will always shine through. It is important to train staff well, to maintain standards and to be innovative with your market offering. There is little benefit in cutting corners to be the cheapest retailer for your given product line if that means selling at a loss and being the first to go bump.”

Gibbs went on to outline how as the ‘Baby Boomer’ generation moves into the industry’s customer catchment area, the market size is set to grow.

This coupled with Brexit will mean a busy 2020 for retailers.

Gibbs added: “Who knows what Brexit holds, but the reality is that demand for products to suit the elderly and disabled will continue to rise. The ‘Baby Boomer’ generation is moving into that customer catchment area right now and that means the market size is likely to expand considerably over the next few years.

“The funding source may well be different, as in private funding rather than State funded, but a good value and well-presented solution will always be more attractive than a hasty, ill-conceived and desperate grab for opportunist turnover.”

Concluding: “Brexit will be the same for all manufacturers and all retailers so there is little point in trying to use it for commercial advantage, other than to ensure it does not disrupt the way in which we can deliver a high quality service.”

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