EXCLUSIVE: TGA launches new version of ‘scooter-powerchair’ with lower price point at Naidex

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TGA Mobility has launched a new version of its high-end WHILL powerchair, which is £6,000 less than the original model but still occupies the same niche gap in the market as the initial model.

The WHILL C model, which fits somewhere between a powerchair and a scooter, is designed to be much more widely-appealing, meaning it has the potential to achieve a higher volume of sales.

Speaking at the Naidex disability show today, TGA managing director Daniel Stone, told AMP that at its new price point, £3,995, it suddenly makes it a product that is much more accessible and more appealing.

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He continued: “Whereas the original model, the price point was above £10,000, so you’ve got to have someone who’s got a really specific need for all the features.”

He explained that the main difference between the original WHILL and the model C is the price. But he added that a lot of development has gone into it.

“The original WHILL was a concept where everything was thrown at it, for example four-wheel drive. And the four-wheel drive is brilliant but it comes with a weight penalty and an expense.

“The main differences of the model C are the price, two-wheel drive and portability, so it comes to pieces. The seat will lift off, the battery pack will lift off.

“The original model was a foray into a new market, it’s quite a bold product and it’s quite exciting for us. But I think the price point, because of all the development and complication, I think it was high and was always going to limit its appeal.

“I think this, with the right price point, following further simplification and development, I think it’s really exciting and we’re so excited by it coming to market.”

Stone hopes the powerchair will appeal to a younger market and is confident that if it manages to hit the “sweet spot” in the market, between scooter and powerchair, it could be a highly successful product for dealers.

He added however, that the original WHILL is packed with features and innovations meaning it still has its place in the market.

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