EXCLUSIVE: Rollz to mirror Dutch operation with UK mobility move as Topro partnership ends


Rollz is looking to mirror what it does in its native Holland as it moves independently into the UK mobility market.

As its partnership with Topro comes to an end this year, Rollz will distribute its own products in the UK under Rollz Mobility UK Ltd from January.

Speaking to Access and Mobility, CEO Arjan Muis also confirmed that the company would become a distributor for German-based firm Saljol.

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Explaining the move, Muis said: “We worked together with Topro for a couple of years and they have been our distributor in the UK market. Around August, we both decided to go our own way, so that is why we decided to start-up our own business because we think that our products can get the best attention when we work with our own organisation.

“In the Netherlands, we do our own operation while in other countries we work with distributors but we do see that we can fully focus on our brand when we set up our own operation and that will be the case in the UK from January 1.”

“We will be distributing ourselves under Rollz Mobility UK from then. We are in the process of hiring an account manager for that and from there we will sell and distribute our products and build our brand further, that’s the plan.”

He added: “We will probably open a store when the time is right and I imagine that will be next year in 2021 to give us time to let the operation and distribution start working. As part of the move we will also be introducing a Parkinson-specific rollator called Rollz Motion Rhythm and we are looking to introduce new products like this every year and that is something where we need full focus from our own people.

He continued: “That was the exact reason for the split with Topro as well, because they wanted to do the same. There was no fight or no bad feeling is was just a pure managerial decision to see which works best for both companies.

Concluding: “We have also teamed up with an innovative mobility company form Germany. We will be Saljol’s distributor in the UK so we will start with a line of products mainly from Rollz but also from Saljol too.”

It comes after Topro announced a new product to be launched at the OT Show.

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