EXCLUSIVE: Recare launches Rebotics Technology amid growing demand for mobility products with ‘street cred’

Richard Holland-Oakes

Recare has launched a new business, Rebotics Technology, to offer exoskeleton and neurological products to the disabled market.

The company, based in Oxfordshire, has the sole rights to support and promote ReWalk, a wearable robotic exoskeleton, in the UK, as well as ExoAtlet, which makes recovery exoskeletons for children and adults.

It will also offer Syrebo neuro hand therapy systems and the Keeogo from B-Temia, a smaller exoskeleton suit for people have MS, Parkinson’s a spinal injury or have had a stroke.

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Speaking to AMP, Recare founder and CEO Richard Holland-Oakes (pictured) predicted a huge demand for robotics technology in the near future, as more people search for innovative mobility solutions that give them a new level of freedom.

He explained: “Speaking from an able-bodied person’s point of view, what I’ve learned over the last 40 years is that you’ll never fully understand what is going through a disabled person’s mind. To be able to walk for 50 years or more and then suddenly not be able to walk, the psychological effect is incredible. All they want to do is stand and walk. So I think that’s where the robotics market is going to have an impact, and we’re only at the tip of it at the moment. 

“The prosthetics and orthotic joints that are out there are changing people’s lives. We work with Ottobock and they are so supportive of Paralympic sports because it gives people the opportunities that weren’t there 30 to 40 years ago.”

Holland-Oakes believes that robotics have helped transform the reputation of the mobility market.

“If you look at mobility now, it’s become quite a sexy industry and it’s started to have a lot of street cred,” he said.

“You’ve got people that have an amputee above the knee and they’re showing off their £100,000 worth of prosthesis like it’s the keys to their Bentley. Nobody tries to cover anything up anymore and people want to have that cool factor.”

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