EXCLUSIVE: Performance Health vows return to reliable deliveries

Ian Thomas Performance Health MD

One of the industry’s largest daily living aid suppliers, Performance Health, has promised that it will begin meeting its delivery targets again and reestablish trust among its dealer partners as a reliable supplier after some disruption recently.

The company, which was formally known as Patterson Medical, has a three day delivery policy but some retail partners had to wait longer for orders after issues caused by a systems update a couple of months ago.

Managing director Ian Thomas told AMP that Performance Health typically delivers much quicker than its three day customer promise but fell short of its targets after it installed new software.

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“Up until a few months ago when we put our new ERP system in, we would usually deliver about 85% of products the following day, and 99% within three days.

“We have had some difficulties over the past couple of months since we put a new system in place, like many companies have experienced.

“There has been disruption for some of our customers as a part of that. Fortunately we’re coming out of that now and in the next couple of months we’ll be a very reliable supplier again and meeting our customer promise.”

Mr Thomas added that dealers will continue to receive support from their account managers.

He said: “If there’s a specific issue, we’ll have one of our sales team go out and deal with it if it’s not something we can solve by phone or email. 95% of issues we can resolve by phone or email.

“I’ve done it myself and I have relationships with quite a few smaller retailers because it’s been built up over the years.”

Mr Thomas hopes to rebuild trust with Performance Health’s customers and reestablish its reputation of reliability.

“We have had a reputation as a very reliable supplier. If we say we will get it to you then we will get it to you. Yes, we have had some difficulties over the last couple of months, but we’re now pretty much through that and the plan is to build that trust back with customers.”

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