EXCLUSIVE: New South East mobility flagship ‘could be step-change for industry’

darren macey and aaron sverdloff l&m

Lifestyle & Mobility is set to open a new superstore in October which the company believes will ‘take mobility retail to a whole new level’ and could raise the bar for the industry.

The flagship in Harlow will combine a cutting-edge retail experience with expansive technical knowledge and facilities and industry pedigree.  

Owner Aaron Sverdloff and business development manager Darren Macey are keen to apply learnings made from Lifestyle & Mobility’s Southend store, which has received heavy investment in the last year.

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Lifestyle & Mobility is known in the industry for its modern approach to retail and its new shop will aim to follow key trends in the sector and blaze a trail in other areas.

The Harlow store layout will follow the industry trend of themed product pods where recliners and beds will be showcased in a faux front room, complete with plants and lamps.

Backlighting will bring out the best in high-end equipment and a specialist area for active users, including top-spec carbon wheelchairs and all the various options and power add-ons.

The multi-level store will be connected by a homelift and it will feature a built-in car boot to display various folding scooters and hoist systems.       

Sverdloff said that it is not just about having the best products, but it is also a case of displaying them effectively.

“We may have graphics on the wall marketing suppliers and maybe some unique graffiti,” he said.

“We don’t know yet but we’ll play with ideas to really make it a cool area. There’s nothing in Harlow like that. Customers have had to travel far away or go to wheelchair service providers, which aren’t glamorous.

“We want to change that and give them a real experience. Wheelchairs are cool. There are some amazing products so why not sell them in a really cool environment. It’s creating that desirability factor, it’s not just about clinical function. There’s a lot more retailing has to offer.”

Aside from the glitzy features, the Harlow store has all the key makings of a successful site. It has ramped access, is close to a multi-story car park, high street and shopping centre and as a former British Heart Foundation furniture outlet, has plenty of room.

The corner unit has glass frontage, disabled toilets opposite and is directly next to the central bus station.

Sverdloff added: “Walking around Harlow you see lots of dated scooters and then all of a sudden you’ll start seeing flashy equipment out there.

“We’re going to be championing the Motability scheme and high quality products in a town that’s never seen it before. Big products. Big location. We hope it will ‘wow’ the people of Harlow and draw people into the town.”

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