EXCLUSIVE: Mobility retailers praise Drive DeVilbiss for new catalogue approach

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A special catalogue put together by Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare to encourage customers to visit its partners’ mobility stores has won praise from retailers, who insist it has done what it set out to achieve.

Drive has designed dozens of catalogues down the years and they have all successfully captured its product range, but the recently-published ‘InStore Independent Living Catalogue’ was conceived to directly generate business for the trade.

“The design and content of this catalogue was specifically put together to help drive customers into our retail customers stores, highlighting the benefits of buying locally from a bricks and mortar business,” explained Alan Sullivan, marketing manager – retail division at Drive DeVilbiss.

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Drive launched the catalogue back in October and has been inundated with positive feedback since.

Peter Hankinson, director of Alpha Mobility, called the brochure “so much better than any of the other catalogues out there”, while Scoota Mart boss Spencer Coe said it was really helping to drive customers into its stores.

Tracy Suther, operations director at Active Mobility, said his business had also benefitted from the work put into the catalogue. He said: “I think it’s fantastic, very informative, they have been very well thought out, a great tool to use in store.”

Wirral Mobility’s Judy Mctigue added: “The market has been crying out for something like this.”

And Graeme Dymond, operations manager at The Care Team, said it had made a notable difference to his firm’s ability to sell Drive products in the market. “We have been trying to get a brochure with a great selection of products and no prices on for two years,” he commented.

Mr Sullivan said he was delighted with the positive comments that Drive has received from trade partners and is confident that it bodes well for 2019.

“I believe our customers will start to feel the true benefit of the catalogue when their customers return to stores to enquire about products they’ve seen in the catalogue,” he said.

The catalogue can be viewed HERE.

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