EXCLUSIVE: Mobility retailers have ‘contingencies in place’ to cope with border crisis


The current freight crisis caused by the French border closure due to a new strain of coronavirus in the UK should have limited impact on mobility retailers, a leading executive has told AMP.

TPG DisableAids MD Alastair Gibbs said a temporary closure of borders should not have “massive implications” for mobility retailers at this time of year.

Alastair said: “The anticipated winter slowdown and preparations for Brexit should have been anticipated by many and contingencies put in place.

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“Any long term closure will, of course, have implications on food and perishable items long before any impact on this industry.

“Having said that, smaller outlets that tend to live ‘hand to mouth’ will clearly have concerns if they are waiting on spare parts to keep customers mobile.”

Over 1,500 lorries are currently stuck in Kent after France closed its border to the UK after the discovery of a new COVID variant.

Talks are being held between the two governments to try and find a way out of the impasse.

Andrew Opie, Director of Food & Sustainability at the British Retail Consortium, called on the governments to “find a pragmatic solution to this as soon as possible, to prevent disruption for consumers”.

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