EXCLUSIVE: Medequip outlines intention to diversify into ‘complementary’ sectors

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In the wake of achieving corporate CECOPS accreditation across all of its sites, community equipment provider Medequip has outlined intentions to diversify the business to enable continued growth.  

Director of SHEQ and HR, Nigel Cook, said that while Medequip has traditionally focused on community equipment services it has recognised that there are increasing opportunities in other areas and that if the organisation wants to continue to grow then it must diversify.

Cook said that the company is not looking to diversify in “completely different areas”.

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“Instead we are looking at areas you would regard as complementary and a natural fit for the company.

“We’re looking at how we might re-enter wheelchair services, telecare and other primary areas. The business is looking at other things strategically that we haven’t yet got involved with but are complementary to what we do.”

Medequip’s recent partnership with Cefndy Healthcare in Newport, South Wales, hints at diversification in terms of scope for more partnerships on certain tenders.

In today’s industry, companies must be prepared to compromise and work together on contracts and when the tendering opportunity came up in South Wales, Cook said it suited both parties.

He added: “Cefndy had the local knowledge and sheltered workshop experience, we had the logistics expertise, systems and processes.

“Both companies thought it would be advantageous to local residents that we work together rather than try and tender separately for the work.

“And obviously Medequip wasn’t widely known in Wales. For us it was partly a strategic opportunity to gain a foothold in Wales.”

Having achieved corporate accreditation across its portfolio, Medequip’s sights are now set on further developing the business as much as possible and placing itself in a strong position for when more tendering opportunities inevitably arise.

Head of SHEQ and governance, Marie Martinally, said that on the accreditation side of things Medequip is targeting ISO 27001, which relates to new GDPR regulations, as well as CECOPS approval for its wheelchair service in Suffolk.

Aside from accreditation, Medequip’s natural goals moving forward will be winning more tenders but the two go hand-in-hand.

Martinalli said that having robust systems in place already puts the business in a better position for getting more accreditations and therefore tenders.

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