EXCLUSIVE: Medequip CEO sees value in expansion of market offering


Medequip is seeing the value of expanding its offering as it moves to operate across different market verticals.

In conversation with Access and Moblity Professional, CEO James Ibbotson insists the company will be sticking to its roots and ensures that CES will always be at the core of the company, but does confirm that the Yorkshire-based firm is seeing the value in expansion.

Recently, the company acquired County Careline Services, a telecare provider in the North West of England.

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It rebranded into Medequip Connect and it is this type of business that Ibbotson thinks can benefit the firm and therefore, the wider community.

He explained: “We have a CES contract in The Wirral of which, County Carelines was a business based in that neck of the woods and we acquired that. We then changed the branding to Medequip Connect.

“We’re proud of the fact that the staff TUPE’d across through that process are very high calibre and are successfully showing us the way in developing our telecare services. We have never looked back since we started doing that. We wish we had done it years ago.”

He continued: “Medequip, historically, has not had full insight into telecare. We have delivered telecare equipment on behalf of telecare providers for individual contracts and Boroughs but taking the responsibility of a call centre 24 hours a day and 365 days a year and then having the responder team to go out and respond where required all within Medequip’s direct control is unique.

There are a lot of synergies and similarities with Community Equipment and how we collect and deliver, but the acquired skills drive us further forward, faster.”

Ibbotson went on to discuss how he hopes the company can pull all of this together to help drive Medequip forward.

He said: “Medequip has just been known as a CES provider and our first stage to diversifying and adding more strings to our bow was wheelchair services and partnering up with wheelchair service providers, like Ross Care.

“We then also have falls prevention within the Wirral contract and we’ve now got telecare. We’re also pushing hard with our online retail content with Manage at Home and if we can continue to build on those platforms we’ll have a powerful expanded offering.”

Concluding: “We’ve also got Handyman Services and other diversification plans in the pipeline.”

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