EXCLUSIVE: Karma Mobility warns of possible stock availability issues in 2021


Karma Mobility has warned that stock availability may be an issue for mobility suppliers early next year.

General manager, Mark Duffield (pictured), spoke exclusively to AMP after we asked mobility suppliers for their views on the market outlook for 2021.

Mark told us: “Stock availability is shaping up to being something that might be an issue for the beginning of next year, the first wave of the virus has caused issues with shipments. When this is resolved we will have to guess what the demand might be like if and when we get back to normal.”

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The Karma Mobility boss said stock availability issues could be exacerbated if pent-up demand begins to come through into the market.

The general manager revealed Karma Mobility plans to launch two new lightweight wheelchairs at the beginning of next year, with one being an upgrade of an existing product.

Despite ongoing market challenges, Mark said he was “quietly confident” about prospects for next year, however, adding that COVID vaccinations for vulnerable people would key to increasing demand and footfall in the coming months.

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