EXCLUSIVE: Handicare MD on a mission to bolster dealers’ commercial capabilities

Clare Brophy Handicare MD and Companion Stairlifts director crop

The new managing director for mobility supplier Handicare has outlined new plans which are designed to increase the training and commercial support available for dealer partners and to help them grow their businesses.

Last month Clare Brophy declared that dealer partners are a priority in her growth strategy since assuming the role in July. She has now told AMP that she is investing heavily in a comprehensive partner programme that rewards partners’ commitment and loyalty.

“I have lots of experience in the commercial sector, from taking a business from zero to £30m. I have experience doing what our dealers do essentially, so I can offer dealers support and advice on how to get from where they are today to wherever they want to go,” Brophy outlined.

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“I know the struggles, I know the pressures, I know the challenges, I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been there over the last 20 years so hopefully can offer some help and advice to dealers. There are going to be some partners that don’t want any support at all and that’s absolutely fine, but for those that do want it I would like to make sure that we offer that to them and help them grow their businesses for the future.”

Handicare is now looking to push a new format of training and support geared towards commercial growth, rather than just product knowledge. The trials are designed to avoid the classroom training route.

“I want to offer for our own direct telesales experts who have done the job for a long time and are still speaking to customers today, I would like them to go and sit with our dealers, listen to some of the calls and offer that coaching. It’s real on job training instead of the classroom approach,” said Brophy.

“My gut is telling me that this is something that’s really missing from the market and it’s the added value of this training, not the typical training lots have had previously. I can’t repeat enough this isn’t going to work for all our dealers but it will be on offer for those who want it.”

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