EXCLUSIVE: Former Sunrise sales manager swaps retail for consultancy


Former Sunrise Medical area sales manager (retail) for the South East has swapped his retail work for consultancy.

After working on the retail side of the business for Sunrise after 10 years in the NHS as a rehabilitation engineer, Scott Baker has seen opportunity for consultancy work.

He has set up Clinical Mobility Consultancy, covering the Isle of Wight.

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Explaining the move to AMP, he said: “My plan is to support dealerships and end users by providing consultations for people seeking independent advice on what mobility products meets their clinical wants and needs.

“Being an independent consultant, I am not restricted to any particular dealership or manufacturer. This means that when referring the client onto a dealership (if requested) I can ensure that not only is the dealership capable of providing the equipment I have recommended, but also they can support the end user moving forward.

“I found that after talking to end users in the past, they had purchased something totally unsuitable online or in-store, they then had to purchase equipment again at additional costs.”

Baker detailed how it was important for the business to be able to refer on with the peace of mind that the end user would be getting the right and suitable service.

Baker added: “I’m not saying all dealers would sell something unsuitable intentionally, but from my experience understanding their clinical need is essential.

“For example, if it is a progressive illness then the equipment can become unsuitable very quickly which ultimately becomes very expensive for the end user.”

As part of the move, Baker says he hopes he can reduce this negative impact for the public by offering a free consultancy, something he describes as a “win win” for everyone.

He continued: “My assessments are very in-depth and will generally last 2-3 hours, dependant on the complexity of needs. I try to keep my assessments as informal as possible but professional and will assess them at home or at a place of convenience.

“I feel this is paramount to providing a quality service, ensuring product is matched to their clinical, social and environmental needs,” he concluded.

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