EXCLUSIVE: Ableworld remains set for “two or three” store openings this year


Ableworld’s managing director says he expects the firm to open “two or three” stores in 2020, despite the coronavirus hit on retail.

Speaking as part of the second episode of AMP LIVE, Mike Williams told of the plans and confirmed that there is also appetite for franchises moving into 2021.

The company’s managing director commented on the fact that despite an inevitable profit loss lies ahead this year, he remains confident of a positive continuation of business.

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Responding to a question on how the coronavirus crisis has affected Ableworld from a business point of view, Williams explained: “I think we’ll come back mentally stronger.

“We’ve enjoyed helping and playing our small part out there. The so-called roadmap we set out here, we’ve done a bit of a deviation of two or three months but we’ll still open two or three stores this year.

“There’s lots of people still wanting franchises, so we will still aim to open three or four new franchises next year naturally depending on the situation. But yes, as a company the profits won’t be there this year but at the same time, mentally I think we will come out stronger.”

He added: “I think we’ve done ourselves an awful lot of good with the professionals, the OTs, care homes and everyone else.

“We’ve been there, we’ve been helping to deliver, and we’ve been sorting out issues and problems to get people out of hospitals so I think we will come out as a much stronger brand.”

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