EXCLUSIVE: Ableworld boss welcomes majority government in 2020 forecast

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Mike Williams, managing director at Ableworld, has welcomed last week’s decisive General Election result.

Williams commented on how the strong result and majority government gives stability and positivity for the mobility industry as it heads into 2020.

He explained: “What a great start to the New Year, ensuring we have a strong government rather than a ‘lame hung Parliament.’ We are in a very positive industry with new, innovative products coming in, demographics are on our side along with a lot of ethical retailers in the market place.

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“On the Brexit question, it can only be a positive result as long as the Government doesn’t ‘tie us in’ to much with the E.U. and we can build trade across the world with reduced tariffs imposed on goods.”

Adding: “The confidence in the country again is already showing through, the pound has already increased, so we look forward to those price reductions in the market place.”

Williams went on to comment on how he expects the retail sector to continue to grow in 2020.

He did though, predict that a “few” retailers would disappear as competition increases.

The Ableworld boss continued: “One thing for sure though, the retail sector will carry on growing rapidly, a few I’m afraid will disappear as competition strengthens, others will be taken over and the UK will end up with three or four ‘strong national retailers.’

Discussing the company’s results for the 2019 calendar year, he described them as “excellent” and said the financials gave them a consolidated position as the UK’s largest retailer.

Williams went on: “Our results for the year were excellent with ‘like for like’ sales for the calendar year being up over 15% along with great increases in profit. The coming year will bring three or four new stores along with a £½ million system upgrade, which will improve the efficiency of our company overall.”

Concluding: “I know others may grow quicker in quantity (forced by VC’s), however I do not see anyone taking our spot as number one in retail square footage or the range and quality we offer

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