EXCLUSIVE: Ability Plus sees instant benefits of updated online offering


Ability Plus has seen a positive reaction almost instantly to an update to its online offering.

Speaking to AMP LIVE, Graham Johnson went on to explain how although e-commerce isn’t part of the business at the moment, it is something that could be considered to an extent in the future.

Commenting on what strategic changes the business has made as a result of lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic, the firm’s managing director said: “As everybody would tell you in the industry, online can be a right pain for us in regards to there’s not much margin in that type of activity because you’re just competing on price.

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“You can’t differentiate because of the service that you’re offering, you’re competing on price and you’ll see from the likes of Better Life and other online traders that have done that, it’s a quick way to the bottom.

“They’ve benefited over this period of time because of the situation which means we have to look strategically, what is our best positioning in the new norm?”

He went on: “Looking at our online presence, if you don’t update; somebody’s only going to read it once and they won’t revisit it. Our website was a brochure to our services but we never really kept on top of what we should be doing. We’ve not gone to e-commerce as yet, we may do so to some extent on the smaller products that we understand that customers would want to buy and are happy to buy so we may go down that road.”

Concluding: “Having said that, what we’ve managed to do over this period of time is take a really good look at our website, what the traffic is and develop that. We’re seeing benefits from that already because we’re getting a lot of responses from customers via the website now which is good.”

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