eSight launches latest innovation for those living with eye disease and disorders


eSight has launch its latest innovation, eSight 4, a wearable assistive device clinically validated to significantly enhance vision for those who are living with eye disease and disorders that lead to low vision and legal blindness.

eSight says it sets a new standard for enhanced vision technology by providing even greater visual clarity, a more versatile hardware design to enable unprecedented mobility and all-day use, and incorporates new advanced cloud-based capabilities and mobile apps.

Commenting on the new product, Robert Vaters, eSight’s CEO and president, said: “eSight launched as an unbelievable breakthrough in technology, and has since moved to a clinically validated solution for people living with eye disease and disorders that’s widely acclaimed by leading low vision medical professionals.

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“While the technology continues to advance, our mission remains the same: to create a more inclusive world and empower the low vision community to see new possibilities.”

eSight 4 will be looking to build on the success of the eSight 3, which was named one of TIME Magazine’s Best Inventions. 

The vision-enhancing technology works by stimulating the remaining synaptic activity in the user’s eyes to provide the brain with increased visual information. 

Using the same clinically validated principles, eSight 4 incorporates extensive research and feedback from users to bring new advancements in greater visual acuity, new hardware design for greater mobility and cloud-based mobile appss.

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