Ergolet says it can halve the number of carers needed to move residents


Ergolet was at the Health+Care exhibition today with a simple message: We can reduce the number of care givers you need from two to one.

The Danish company, which manufactures a range of mobility solutions including hoists and lifts, claims that by learning to use its equipment properly, care operators can dramatically reduce the manpower required for everyday tasks such as moving people from a wheelchair to bed.

“The number of people requiring care is rising, but the number of people available to care for them is standing still. We therefore have to find ways to help carers use equipment to reduce the number of people required to perform every day tasks,” said Ergolet’s David Lomas.

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A presentation given to delegates at Health+Care described how operators in Denmark have managed to increase the quality of care, while reducing the number of carers used for certain tasks from two to one.

“Nursing home directors consistently report that both the physical and psychological work environment have been greatly improved,” the company states.

The Ergolet method uses a number of tools that help nursing home operators through a change process aimed at working with one carer instead of two. The process works from initial planning and evaluation of each residents’ potential to the development of investment and business plans; and training of staff to use a range of new equipment.

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