Electric Mobility unveils new airline compatible folding scooters

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Electric Mobility has launched two new folding mobility scooters designed to help the industry’s retailers make the most of the fast-expanding market for equipment that customers can take on planes and trains.

Electric Mobility’s Rascal Smilie and Smilie Auto are the manufacturer’s first lithium-ion battery folding scooters and have been launched following a considerable amount of time in the research and development stages, as well as discussions with dealers in the industry.

The scooters will be sold via Electric Mobility’s network of dealers who will target end-users looking for something “petite, portable and personal”.

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The Smilie and Smilie Auto are portable and lightweight and designed for use both at home and abroad. The Smilie is available in two options, either as a manual scooter with an easy-to-fold mechanism, or with powered auto folding which folds down and re-assembles in seconds.

The compact design of the Smilie makes it easy to manoeuvre and highly transportable, also making it the ideal scooter for travelling overseas.

It is car, cruise, train or plane transportable, with an airline-compliant 11.6Ah lithium-ion battery option which weighs 2.8kg. It can be taken on a plane giving users a range of up to 7.5 miles to explore their travel destination.

Airline compliance is one of the most sought-after features in folding scooters today and consumer tastes are increasingly demanding equipment that they can take to airports with confidence.  

Purchasing with the additional long range 17.4Ah battery means customers can travel longer distances while at home (up to 11.2 miles) and easily swap for the airline compliant battery when travelling abroad.

The Smilie is the first folding scooter with a delta-bar tiller, and features four 8” solid tyres at each corner for strong stability, as well as a practical front handle for increased accessibility.

Other key features include a fold down backrest and easy-to-remove adjustable armrests, and a 14.5” seat height to provide comfort and support for long journeys.

With an anti-splash seat bag available as an optional extra so it is easy to transport travel essentials safely and securely, the Rascal Smilie is tailored to give users more independence both at home and away.

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