eFOLDi CEO reassures customers of continued supply and support amid coronavirus

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eFOLDI’s founder and CEO, Sumi Wang, has reached out to customers expressing her team’s commitment to them and her hopes for stability during this period of concern for all.

She began by saying how much her team’s efforts to support each other, their families and all of their customers had moved her.

In a letter to customers she said: “These are truly worrying times for us all. Like so many businesses we are looking at measures to ensure we have capacity to operate but before that we know people come first – our families, our colleagues, our customers and of course our customer’s customers. This was always a tight team but there is now an additional common purpose.

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Adding: “When we began implementing our contingency plan ensuring we have a strong, safe and stable supply chain we had to cover a lot of ground. We saw that basic, decent human values underpinned every step regardless if it was in the commercial environment or in our personal lives.

“We are all looking for guidance from the authorities but good old-fashioned common sense is fundamental to how we are all going to combat this together.”

The statement went on to detail how, as part of an ongoing process, it has reorganised its team to ensure:

  • Health and Safety is at the forefront of everything we do
  • IT resources and support are provided to team members to facilitate as many remote home offices as possible
  • Interchangeable skills are being developed and enhanced throughout the Operations team

It said that it hopes through these measures, it can encourage flexibility, adaptability and strength-in-depth. We need to be prepared for whatever comes.

Business development managers have been fully equipped and trained to take the appropriate precautions when attending face-to-face contact and to use alternative methods of communication wherever possible.

Wang continued: “We certainly experienced challenges in recent months with our supply chain, as did our competitor colleagues but we’re confident in its stability now and hopefully we are coming out of it a little wiser.

“I’d like to assure you we have healthy stock levels in the UK and robust delivery procedures. We will of course keep you informed of any changes. Our Sales guys will be in regular contact to update, listen and most importantly support you in the coming days and weeks.

“In such unprecedented times we’re all looking to do what we can to support each other. At eFOLDi we are focusing on maintaining operations and offering support to all in a spirit of togetherness, after all, when all is said and done, business is about people.”

Concluding: “If you need any further information please contact your eFOLDi Business Development Manager or Customer Services by email via”

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