Editor’s View: Winter trading resilience will see fruition

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Maintaining the pace throughout the winter months will always be a tough ask in any industry, but keeping the foot on the gas over the festive period can work wonders when you take a look back at the end of the financial year.

As a tough high street demands, all retailers need to be performing at the top of their game and within the mobility retail sector, if every aspect of the business line from supplier to dealer is working at the desired high level, there is only a higher chance of success as the year draws to an end.

Taking a look back at the last twelve months, it has been a pleasure to start working within the industry and to help drive the title and the businesses it serves forward into 2020 and beyond.

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Of course, Brexit scepticism can creep in meaning manufactures, suppliers, dealers and customers alike can all feel the tentative pinch but on the whole, positivity seems to be on the rise.

Chatting with a number of dealers at the AMP Awards last month, and receiving their feedback since, has shed light on where the industry is and where it could be headed.

The rise of online, might remain a contentious issue but, is beginning to be embraced and in turn, is helping a lot of businesses up and down the country get in front of potential customers.

This was covered as part of the panel discussion at the Awards which is featured in this month’s edition where TPG’s Alastair Gibbs, Ability Plus’ Graham Johnson and Daniel Griffiths from Easy Living discuss how they feel about the current state of the industry and what it has in store as time progresses.

As we look to 2020, I wish everyone well and hope the industry can flourish as we progress into the next decade.

Balancing new technologies with tried and tested traditions will be the key to this, but with the experience of the industry and what it has already weathered, I am most confident this won’t be an issue.

Have a Merry Christma, Happy New Year and I’ll look forward to working with you as we head into 2020 and the turn of a new decade.

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