EDITOR’S VIEW: Rallying cry for scooter safety should not fizzle out


Issues surrounding mobility scooter safety seem to have come to a head.

Weekly accounts of users or pedestrians injured and killed last year have continued into 2019, fuelling frustrations among the public about the equipment, their users, and according to some retailers – the mobility industry. Now, I’m pleased to say, dealers are taking a stand.

A roundtable discussion AMP hosted last month, which you can read in this issue, floated ideas and sparked debate among some of the UK’s mobility retail heavyweights.

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The general consensus was that various parts of the supply chain and competitors should put their differences aside and join together to come up with solutions to a problem plaguing the industry.

From a boardroom in central London, bosses from the likes of Ableworld, Clearwell and Lifestyle & Mobility, put their heads together to discuss the idea of compulsory insurance, innovations manufacturers could bring in and how dealers can better educate the end-user.

I was pleased to see in the wake of the roundtable debate that a couple of independent dealers have already taken the initiative and begun developing their own innovations to tackle scooter accidents. Mark’s Mobility in Bristol, for example, has just patented a new bumper that fits onto scooters and acts as a kill-switch.

All be it on a small scale, these inventions show that dealers are serious about bringing change. If the industry wants to see major change, such as new legislation on insurance or fresh equipment rules, it must be prepared to be patient.

Of course, that is frustrating but I think everyone in the sector will agree that it is vital we start somewhere. Importantly, as was pointed out during the roundtable, the discussion should not end here and be allowed to fizzle out. For too long the issue of scooter safety has been on the table and now is the time to seize the initiative.

Using AMP as a platform, I hope that members from all corners of the mobility sector can come together in the coming months to work to spell the end of the road for scooter accidents.

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