EDITOR’S VIEW: One small step for lifting lockdown could be one huge leap for mobility retailers

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Boris Johnson has announced the next step in the lifting of some lockdown measures across England, while devolved powers in the likes of Scotland are doing the same.

From June 1, people will be allowed to meet in groups of six outdoors or in a private garden and schools are partially going back.

This has been coupled with the planned reopening of outdoor retail such as markets and car showrooms on Monday.

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Then, on June 15, non-essential retail outlets will begin a phased reopening provided they meet a ‘COVID secure’ test.

While these steps may seem like baby ones in the grand scheme of things becoming completely normal again, this will be the new normal for a short period of time and something to embrace, certainly from a business perspective.

With the move instilling confidence in the wider public, we could be seeing the start of getting business back in mobility.

Understandably, footfall has been non-existent throughout this time and it has been tough on retailers and suppliers to keeping business moving in the right direction.

The vast majority have admirably adapted and have continued to be able to provide those in the community with the right service.

Whether it be maintenance or advice to keep them mobile, the industry has pulled together like never before to ensure people are not left isolated, despite the lockdown.

Now though, as confidence grows, so will footfall on the high street, in retail parks and shopping centres.

This means the retail side of the sector will start again to see people coming into stores, showing interest in products – something we have not seen in months.

This growth in demand will be sure to consequently help suppliers and benefit companies throughout the supply chain.

Government will be hopeful the move can kickstart small industry economies like ours in a boost for the overall economy of the country, allowing the nation the get back to work.

It will be tough but as we move out of Q2 and into Q3, business should begin to look up, driven purely by growing consumer confidence.

In conversation with those working throughout this time, AMP has felt a real sense of optimism from businesses to get their companies back to being in a profitable position and working towards planned budgets as soon as possible.

If the hard and adaptable work that has been put in so far is anything to go by, the market stands in good stead to move forward and build back business.

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