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March. That’s the new set date for Naidex and fingers crossed, it looks like an achievable date for the industry to march on towards together.

After an initial plan in place for the usual spring-time show in March this year, it was pencilled in for later in the summer before a firm decision was made about November 9-10.

However, that November date was one the industry had been looking at with a certain level of scepticism due to the looming COVID-19 implications.

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Marching on is exactly what mobility retail has been doing in the UK although, as expected, dealers up and down the country have certainly seen a drop off in some seasonal trade.

This of course cannot be said for the entire dealer base, with some still reporting strong profit margins after cost-cutting of overheads.

For many, turnover across the second and third quarters of the year, a chunk of the year in which some retailers count on the majority of trade, saw a significant decrease on years gone by and what had been forecasted for 2020.

Suppliers, in turn, have all suffered to some extent and will want to make up for any losses in the best and most productive way possible.

Would a trade show have been the best way to do so? Some say yes, some say no.

Looking at it from a positive point of view, a product launch or the meeting of the industry will have been a sure way to kick start the market’s economy.

Getting people back together and talking on mass at a personal level is important for business and after such a long lay-off from human contact and personal interactions.

The feeling of doing good business together at these kind of events, could have really given business something to strive towards in working through the winter and into the spring.

Having said that, where would that have left Naidex in March? Would manufacturers have waited to launch new products into what could have been a more vibrant market in 2021, or used the timing to capitalise on an earlier launch?

There can be arguments made from this aspect which could have made the November show one of consolidation and of no real meaning for the businesses attending, a situation nobody would have wanted due to the impact it would have had on the same event due to take place just a few months later.

The decision to hold off until the spring will most likely be a good one. Although a real shame the industry have a date sooner to look forward to getting business done with one another, the health and safety concerns must come first.

It will also allow for businesses to sufficiently prepare for their 2021/22 business year, and March on into a post-Covid world with confidence.

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