EDITOR’S VIEW: Light at the end of the tunnel?

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I don’t say the above to be blasé. I say it knowing how difficult this period has been for the mobility retail industry to power on through.

Having said that, I know many out there have pulled together to ensure you can come out the other side in the best position possible.

While it remains tough out there, I do believe there is some light at the end of the tunnel, granted only a speck.

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Speaking to both dealers and suppliers this month, AMP has learned of new and innovative ways businesses are attempting to battle on – some of which feature this month, and it is this positive attitude that provides that speck of light.

In taking advantage of Government business advice, retailers have garnered some confidence in having the ability move on, survive and prosper after the coronavirus pandemic, lockdown and hardship has passed.

This month’s magazine once again comes with the caveat that some conversations were had over the past few weeks, meaning some comments could look outdated given the fast moving news agenda we are dealing with currently.

I said last month that communication would be key and this month, this is truer than ever. Rumours have circulated that a potential scam may be targeting mobility retailers throughout this period so remaining vigilant and in contact with industry colleagues is vital in staying protected.

As we move ‘past the peak’ as Boris described in his first news conference back, we will soon be seeing the Government’s so-called exit strategy.

While this will mean many will remain working from home, it will also mean that business will get back on track again bit by bit, and given the nature of the industry, we could soon see revenue streams and certain services resume to some form of normality sooner rather than later.

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