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Life after lockdown is likely going to be the new normal for a long time to come as government lays out its plans to begin to reopen the economy with various lockdown measures being lifted.

For the mobility trade, it is vital that customers regain confidence in order for footfall to grow and allowing for business to bounce back. COVID secure measures have been put in place to help with this and it is the job of employers, employees and customers to all play their part in creating a safe working environment thus driving up standards and confidence.

Away from sector specifics, hospitality markets will begin to reopen this month and as well as been a positive for many from a social point of view, it may also be a contributing factor in driving said confidence and increasing footfall across all markets.

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However, despite positive movement, we can expect this to be the new normal for a long time to come, especially with much speculation about if and when a second wave is set to strike. Pulling together for the foreseeable future will be key to success, as it has been over the past three months.

Competitors in retail, supply and manufacture have and must continue to work for the common good and the way that has been seen in recent weeks is testament to the type of people the market contains, instilling confidence in everyone as we move into the next phase of pandemic recovery.

For now, enjoy the sun, enjoy seeing relatives again and maybe even enjoy a pint in the local.

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