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Looking ahead to Q4, it is clear to see that some mobility businesses have fared better than others over the past two working quarters of 2020.

However, taking different trading conditions and circumstances into account, it seems as though the vast majority of businesses are looking forward and not back when it comes to overcoming any damage the coronavirus has left behind.

With this is mind, AMP has been keen to remain in touch with mobility dealers and suppliers up and down the country, keeping its ear to the ground, getting reaction from a market which continues to adapt and change where industry demands.

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As seen in recent months gone by, the importance of an online service continues to increase but now the public is becoming that little more comfortable with face to face interaction, many are once again seeing just how vital face to face consultations can be.

This is not only from a business and clinical point of view in ensuring a client is left with the right product, but from a personal point of view as well. There is something dehumanising about doing everything over Zoom or Skype or Teams.

This has led to more of a demand for the face to face assesments to be done with even more sanitation and precaution than ever before, but necessary steps to getting back to some level of normality.

Face masks are also dehumanising but getting back to personal relationships has seen an increase in positivity in the market. This, coupled up with an expected footfall growth in stores when schools go back can only point to a positive quarter for the market, starting in September and growing further into the winter months.

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