EDITOR’S LETTER: Back to the start?

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Not quite. Despite the negative semantics surrounding Boris Johnson’s announcement last month of further measures, in no way is the economy heading back to where it was at the start of the pandemic.

The Prime Minister, backed by most of Government but not many of his backbenchers and certainly not by the 1922 committee within the Convervative Party, confirmed that pubs, restaurants, bars and other similar outlets must shut their doors by 10pm.

He went on to follow Michael Gove’s call in “encouraging” office workers to work from home if they can and told retail workers that they must now also wear face masks.

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These are the two elements of the latest announcement which will have the biggest impact on the mobility industry, or will they?

Although the face mask wearing may be a change in operation for some, when it comes to business and face-to-face assessments, this has been standard procedure for months and months.

Additionally, the mandatory mask wearing in-store has been practised by many retailers for a timely period anyway to ensure customers and their families feel confident in entering any showrooms.

With regards to the working from home situation, Boris did allude to the fact that although it is “encouraged” to do so, if the working environment is Covid secure, he would not want businesses to suffer at the ends of an enforcement of policy like in the tough months that precede us today.

As we head into the final quarter of the year, AMP ran a dealer panel which gauged the feeling of a number of leading mobility dealers from across the country and despite a sensible element of caution, most were quietly confident that they could continue to strive and help the customers in their local communities and across the country.

Despite the new measures maybe providing an obstacle in some situations to achieving this goal, it certainly will not be a definitive hindrance for this resilient market.

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