Easystart champions correct scooter battery usage

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Importer of Haze electric vehicle batteries Easystart is encouraging users to source the most efficient model for their vehicle.

While the company believes each battery can offer specific advantages they claim that there is no universal battery that is suited to every application.

Katie Horner, sales manager at Easystart, said: “There is no such thing as the perfect battery for every application, it is about matching the correct battery to the users’ needs and educating how best to look after their battery.”

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The range of batteries includes AGM, Gel or the exclusive range AGM EX.

Easystart’s most popular mobility battery is most suitable for occasional user who uses their battery once or twice a week with relatively short journeys and limited weight. The battery cycles up quickly so it can be used at full capacity after roughly 6 cycles.

A gel battery is marketed as the most ideal option for a regular user or everyday user. The gel technology has a longer cycle life, deeper discharge and can recover better if left discharged for any reason. Gel is well suited for scooters as the most common issues which arises within the mobility sector is a battery sulphating.

The exclusive range AGM EX was designed to fill a gap in the market. “Haze saw a gap in the market for the occasional user who wanted to travel further for a longer period of time. This is how the exclusive AGM EX range was developed,” said Horner. “Most scooters are designed and fitted with a specific battery box size fitted, this can be quite limiting. The box sizes are the same sizes as a regular AGM except they all have a higher capacity.”

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