Easy Living Mobility “beats downward high street trend” with new store opening


TGA dealer Easy Living has opened its 12th and latest store in Hanley.

In announcing the news, the company said it illustrates its ability to achieve success despite tough conditions for high street retailers.

Founder and current owner Daniel Griffiths explained why he believes his business plan has been successful on the modern day high street.

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He said: “We may all operate within the same group and share the same business principles; however, each Easy Living store has a different strategy. Over the past 15+ years all my store teams have embedded themselves in the community with outreach that gives us a true understanding of what people need in each region.”

He continued: “Culture, activities, terrain, lifestyles… all can vary even across a single region such as the Midlands and over time. This is why we continually tailor our services and product range accordingly so that independence is maximised for all with restricted mobility. By continually listening to ever-changing local needs, we have been able to stay ahead of the curve and beat the downward high street trend.”

Daniel adds: “To be successful you must consider your customer base through-and-through – this is what we do. Get it exactly right and you know what customers will ask for before they come through the door. Equally after the purchase, after sales support is crucial to protect your reputation, repeat business and word of mouth recommendation. We fully appreciate our duty of care to vulnerable locals… making a difference to their lives is what motivates us every day.”

Daniel concludes: “My business is all about dialling-in to what customers require. This is why we organise coffee mornings or visit care homes to talk to people struggling to remain mobile. Easy Living is not just about selling, it is far more than that, we believe in giving back to the community with impartial advice for easier living. Our new team at Hanley are already planning how to help the community by signposting towards solutions for greater social inclusion. Exciting times for locals and us.”

The new Hanley store is a 2,000sqft showroom which displays a range of mobility products.

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