‘Driving tests should be introduced for mobility scooter users’, says son of woman killed


A number of fatal incidents involving mobility scooters in Derby over the last 18 months have sparked widespread calls for changes in the law to restrict who can purchase the equipment.

The son of a woman killed in a ‘horrific’ collision while on a mobility scooter is the latest to come forward asking for a special test to be brought in to check whether people are capable of operating a scooter safely.     

Darrel Parker, whose mother, Mary Parker, died this month while rider her mobility scooter, thinks tighter measures to restrict who can purchase a scooter and a ‘driving test’ should be introduced, according to a local newspaper.

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He told the Derby Telegraph: “I wouldn’t want anyone to go through what our family has gone through over the last few weeks and because of that I think something needs to be done to make these scooters safer.

“It is a difficult one, as mobility scooters are there for people who have disabilities and can’t walk very far. I remember my mum being so excited when she got her scooter.

“It is quite worrying that some of these scooters can be driven on the road without a driving licence or having to pay any road tax or anything like that. Anyone could get one.

“I think there should be some sort of test which measures whether people have the ability to ride them.”

A local poll run by the newspaper showed that 85% of people thought the law on purchasing mobility scooters needs to change.

Mr Parker’s comments come after the family of another person hit by a car while crossing a Derby road on his mobility scooter demanded tighter rules to be brought in.

During an inquest into the man’s death a coroner said she would write to Transport Secretary Chris Grayling urging a change in legislation that would restrict who can buy mobility scooters.

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  1. It is very sad but who sold her the scooter? Did they check she was suitable and how long ago was it sold? I believe that there are many older drivers who passed their car test years ago who are unsafe on the road. Unless repeat tests/assements are introduced, this type of accident will continue to occur with cars and mobility equipment. This includes powered wheelchairs. The big issue is enforcment of existing laws particularly with regard to scooters traveling at 8mph on the pavement which is illegal.

  2. I agree training should be mandatory. I have been campaigning for years but have received negative comments from disabled groups saying this would make them house bound….. This is not the intention. It’s to ensure the potential user and users are fit enough to operate a heavy machine that could endanger other people or cause harm to themselves.
    We have offered training which covers theory and practical training since 2014 but on approaching mobility suppliers they have been very negative which in my opinion isn’t right.
    We all know you need a licence for a car and motorcycle so why should there not be a licence for a mobility scooter.

  3. It should be mandated that the Mobility suppliers provide adequate training to clients as part of the sales process. A number of people who purchase them unfortunately have had no experience of a car or motorbike and need a little extra help and guidance on how to operate one. Some time ago the National Trust used to loan scooters at some of their properties and you had to have an explanitory seeion before you were allowed to use one. I have had salesmen visit but unfortunately the ones who visited me had a main aim to prize hard earned money out of my bank account ! This being said it will not cover the understanable second hand market where good qaaulity sccoters can be purchased at much reduced prices that many diasabled persons on a tight budget can afford to give them much needed independence and freedom.

  4. We at Care Plus Mobility always carry out a thorough assessment on Scooters and Powerchairs, to ensure the person is more than capable of using the scooter, understanding the controls and correct charging of the product. Also to transfer on and off the product safely. We would welcome tougher regulations for all suppliers of mobility equipment, as we know there are so many companies that are selling scooters directly over the internet with no contact with the person intending to use it. There is no concern if the customer is able to operate this safely.

  5. I think that elderly people should be trained I’ve got a qwingo scooter I don’t break the law I go 4 mph on pavement and give people the right of way I’ve had 105 motorbikes and always been careful you get your young yobs playing about on scooters they break the the law they should not have one I don’t mind taking test but I know I can drive my scooter without any trouble I go to the shops every day I think its only right to give people the right of way I’ve mothers witch babies the right of way I’m disabled but I know I can drive these scooters I

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