Drive DeVilbiss unveils new portable oxygen concentrator

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Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare have launched the iGo2 Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC).

Deisgners say the high performance iGo2 is the first of its kind to use patented SmartDose Technology, which automatically adjusts the dose of oxygen to a patients’ breath rate.

It consistently delivers more oxygen when needed and eliminates the need to manually adjust oxygen settings.

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It also offers a standard PulseDose delivery mode alongside SmartDose.

The iGo2 features a protective, rugged overmould for an added layer of protection, and a Pressure-Vacuum Compressor System (PVSA) that removes nitrogen and humidity to reduce sieve bed wear and extend the time before the unit needs to be replaced.

The POC also features a sensitive conserver trigger (0.05 cm H2O) that detects patient breathing at lower pressures.

Drive says weighing just 2.2kgs, the lightweight and easy-to-carry iGo2 promotes a more active lifestyle. The battery and LCD screen are located on top of the unit and can be accessed while in the over-the-shoulder carry case.

Other features include a rechargeable battery and AC/DC adapters for easy charging wherever the user goes.

Yesterday, Drive announced that its CEO was stepping down.

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