Drive Devilbiss products used by NHS to satisfy conflicting medical issues

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Mobility supplier Drive Devilbiss has created a product-based solution to a conflicting medical issue.

North Bristol Trust staff have successfully implemented advanced Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare technologies to best care for patients admitted to acute care with existing pressure ulcers, a situation which can present conflicting care issues.

An individualised care plan was implemented at the centre which combined two Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare technologies; The Monitor, Alert, Protect (M.A.P) system and the Acclaim Flow Hybrid mattress.

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Based on patient preference, in the initial stages of care a static foam mattress surface was selected, which was then ‘stepped up’ to a dynamic surface for improved pressure management.

When a patient noted a compromised ability to maintain independent movement in bed, clinical staff looked at viable alternatives, and selected Drive’s Acclaim Flow non-powered hybrid mattress, already in use across clinical areas of the Trust.

The Acclaim Flow mattress met both the clinical and comfort needs of this patient, with the M.A.P system providing reassurance for clinical staff that the support surface and repositioning schedules met the patient’s needs. Using a combination of these two technologies resulted in maintaining patient safety whilst enhancing the patient experience.

This study demonstrated that a patient with restricted movement can be nursed effectively on the Acclaim Flow mattress, whilst the M.A.P system demonstrated that small movements reduced interface pressures to within tissue tolerance levels, particularly effective in this instance where full body repositioning and turning was restricted.

North Bristol Trust is a Regional Trauma and Vascular Treatment Centre caring for highly complex patients where the Tissue Viability team is at the forefront of the Trust-wide, patient-centred care strategy.

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