Drive DeVibiss hauls more manufacturing back to UK

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Drive DeVilbiss has pulled production of the medical beds it makes for its French sister company from Vietnam to Halifax in Yorkshire.

The move has been made to drive forward manufacturing efficiencies, enhance product quality and included “substantial investment” in plant and people. 

Increasing demand for performance, functionality and quality prompted Drive DeVilbiss to reconsider the sourcing of the product, identifying economic benefits to UK manufacture.

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Although the bed has been produced to meet similar specifications to the original model, it has been upgraded and improved to offer enhanced clinical and practical benefits in use.

The company said the decision to manufacture in the UK has “impacted positively” on its production plant in Halifax.

The factory has been reconfigured with dedicated production cells and a total restructure of the assembly areas, bringing in lean processes to streamline manufacture.

Upskilling of the workforce and creation of a number of additional jobs is already complete, and Drive DeVilbiss has invested more than £350,000 in new equipment to speed up throughput.

The new model developed for the French market is a standard medical bed designed for the homecare environment.

It is a four section electrically profiling bed with head and foot ends in a wood finish to match a more domestic setting, with an attractive textured paint finish which is both practical and hardwearing. 

Drive DeVilbiss Healthcare is currently in the process of developing a second new medical bed aimed at the healthcare markets in North America, France and the UK, which will be launched later this year, featuring a range of enhancements designed around increased ease of use.

Image: Drive’s UK HQ

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