Discrete, lightweight power-assist aids independence

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Bridging the gap between manual and power wheelchairs

Permobil strives constantly to bring new technology to users, helping them to live a healthy life the way they want to. It is proud to present SmartDrive: a discrete, lightweight power assist for manual wheelchair users.

Here are some of some of the features and benefits of this fantastic new addition to the Permobil family.

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Stay independent

SmartDrive helps users to go up hills and ramps and anywhere where it is hard to push. It saves their energy so they can get about more on their own. Most importantly, it allows them to travel long distances without having to propel themselves. A single tap with the stylish PushTracker wrist band activates cruise control – no need to push!

Stay healthy

Many manual wheelchair users experience upper extremity pain. SmartDrive greatly reduces the amount of times a user has to push in a day, which:

  • Protects shoulders from wear and tear caused by self-propulsion
  • Minimizes the risk of tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Reduces fatigue and pain in arms and shoulders

Travel smart

Because it is so light and compact, it can be easily mounted or removed with one hand, while sitting in the chair.

  • No need for unnecessary transfers or lifting.
  • Does not affect the size or maneuverability of the chair
  • Use it when you need it

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