Disabled woman on quest to raise £9,000 for outdoor wheelchair


A woman with life-limiting disabilities is looking to raise £9,000 to buy an outdoor wheelchair.

Milton Keynes-based Clare Syvertsen cannot use her current wheelchair outside due to it being unsuited to bumps and uneven ground.

She has therefore set up a GoFundMe page to raise £9,000 for a wheelchair that will let her enjoy the outdoors.

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Living with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, the Milton Keynes Citizen explained the condition means Clare’s skin is fragile and bruises easily, also affecting her organs.

Despite many difficulties in daily living, Clare went on to explain how she is grateful, especially for her assistance dog, Griffin.

She told the local news outlet: “Griffin is the most amazing boy who has transformed my sad, bleak and lonely life into a world full of independence, opportunities and experiences. He has over a 100 tasks he helps me with, such as opening and closing doors, loading and unloading the washing machine, picking up items I drop, and getting items for me.

“He goes to get help in an emergency. He helps me get dressed and undressed and he even flushes the toilet for me. I’ve also made so many friends thanks to Griffin. Even though I face lots of health issues and challenges, I love being independent, going out by myself with Griffin and making the most of life.”

Clare recently tried her friend’s all-terrain powerchair.

She said: “I couldn’t believe the difference. I felt so comfortable in the very supportive seating system, and for the very first time in 32 years I didn’t have pain or any joint dislocations. It was amazing.”

The chair cannot be funded by the NHS so she is hoping GoFundMe can help. She has raised £1,730 of her £9,000 goal so far.

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