Disabled man ‘forced to build own makeshift ramp’ after DFG denial

A man from Northampton says he has been left to ‘throw together’ his own makeshift ramp after he was denied funding from the disabled facilities grant (DFG) to adapt his home for his disability.

Steve Warren applied for government funding to fit his new home with a wet room and make it wheelchair accessible but was turned down for the DFG, which is provided to people so they can make home adaptations after a means test.

According to reports, Mr Warren is now having to claw £10,000 together himself so he can make the appropriate adaptations to his house.

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He told the Northampton Chronicle and Echo that he is struggling to access his new house.

“A friend of mine and me have thrown together a ramp for £150 in the meantime. But this isn’t where I wanted to be.”

Mr Warren was told he would be able to fund the necessary adaptations himself if he took out a loan and so was denied DFG support.

He told the newspaper: “They decided that a family of three lives on £262 a week – that’s bills, mortgages, the car, food, everything – and that I could afford a loan as well. But that’s just not going to happen.

“I’m not on benefits, me and my wife both work and we’ve never asked for help in our lives. Now it feels like if neither of us worked and were on the dole things would be different.”

A spokeswoman for Northampton Borough Council said: “The figures used to calculate eligibility for the disabled facilities grant are set by Central Government, and as such, any means test undertaken by the council is determined by these figures.”

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