Disability community authors imagine a world of unlimited mobility


The Toyota Mobility Foundation (TMF) has asked authors from the disability community to imagine a world of unlimited mobility inspired by the five innovative devices that have made it to the final of the Mobility Unlimited Challenge.

The Mobility Unlimited Challenge is a $4m global challenge launched by TMF in partnership with Nesta Challenges in 2017.

The aim of the Challenge is to improve the lives of millions, through innovative personal mobility devices incorporating intelligent systems.

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Going Further: Imagining the Futures of Mobility is a collection of three short fiction stories, set in the near future, exploring the potential impact of assistive technologies on the lives of those with lower-limb paralysis.

Now, more than ever, the anthology acts as a timely reminder of how important mobility is to us all.

Going Further is currently available on the Mobility Unlimited Challenge’s fully accessible website, as well as being available to download.

The anthology is illustrated by Ciara Chapman, who has received media attention and accolades for an illustrated blog chronicling her experience with chronic pain.

Julie Ann Burandt, global head of communications at the Toyota Mobility Foundation said: “It is absolutely paramount that we hear what members of the disability community are saying. Which is why, central to Going Further and the Mobility Unlimited Challenge, as a whole, is the idea of co-creation and the need to collaborate with end-users to find solutions that will genuinely make a difference to the lives of the people who use these devices.

Adding: “All of the teams are working closely with people with lower-limb paralysis and engaging in user testing to modify their designs in response to their mobility needs.”

The winner’s announcement will take place in 2021, where the winning team will receive $1 million.

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