Dealers queue up to join the Stiltz Referral Partner Programme

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The launch of the new Trio+ wheelchair-accessible homelift means Stiltz is now able to introduce its Referral Partner Programme to the dealership network.

This is something the business is very excited about as it feels there is tremendous opportunity for development of close and profitable working relationships between all involved.

Referral Partners

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The entry-level tier for the partner programme is a Referral Partner. This provides dealers with an opportunity to create leads and earn a minimum of £1000 commission should their lead convert into a sale.

Leads are passed to Stiltz’s highly experienced field sales consultants who have a strong track record on considerate customer conversion.

In-store marketing materials such as leaflets, counter cards and posters are provided together with a unique telephone number to enable Stiltz to track and allocate enquiries to the correct dealer.

This level requires no investment on behalf of the dealer as far as product, sales or technical training is concerned, and can easily and quickly slot in alongside other business activities.

Affiliate Partners

An Affiliate Partner will get far more involved with the Stiltz brand and products. This level of dealer will actively promote and market Stiltz homelifts, they will visit customers at home, undertake a sales surveys and continue with the entire sales cycle up until the point the customer places an order.

Upon order, the dealer will hand over the sale to the Stiltz customer services team who will organise a technical survey, any necessary building works and installation of the lift, and liaise with the customer to deliver these at the customer’s convenience.

Sales training will be provided to enable dealers to make the most of all opportunities. Full marketing support will also be available from the Stiltz marketing department, including the provision of customized, co-branded marketing assets and phone-based advice on sales and marketing in conjunction with the Business Development Manager.

Premier Partner

The Stiltz Premier Partner tier is the top level of dealer partner. A Premier Partner will take ownership of the entire customer lifecycle and ‘own’ the customer. They will develop their own leads by carrying out all marketing activity, respond to enquiries, visit the customer in their home for the sales consultation and follow this up until the sale has converted.

Instead of handing the customer over at this point, a Premier Partner will continue with the technical survey and undertake all necessary building and installation work, either with their own teams or via subcontractor teams.

A comprehensive package of technical, product and sales training will be provided which will enable Premier Partners to deliver the best possible service to Stiltz customers as well as maximizing profitability for all involved.

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