Amplicomms DB200HiRes

Brand/Supplier: Amplicomms

Most hearing aid users are unaware that maintenance is required, with manufacturers reporting that nearly half the instruments sent for repairs are down to poor care, claims German living aid supplier Amplicomms.
Using the Amplicomms DB200 to store hearing aids overnight helps to keep them dry, clean and bacteria free, preserving the sound quality, avoiding Itchy ears and prolonging the life of the hearing aid. Poor hygiene and maintenance leads to the sound quality being distorted and shorter battery life, the company says. The Amplicomms DB200 Dry Box maintains hearing aids, cochlear implant receivers, noise maskers and ear monitors. Given the range and number of products launched by Amplicomms this year, its DB200 Dry Box has proved itself to have been selected as the flagship item of the year.

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