Clacton scooter saboteur ‘wants bad drivers off the streets’

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A saboteur in Clacton-on-Sea who has reportedly been puncturing mobility scooter tyres has been deliberately dropping roofing tacks to discourage ‘bad scooter drivers’, according to local campaigners.

The suspected saboteur has created a lot of work for local mobility dealers and repairmen recently who have been refitting and repairing a much higher number of scooter tyres than usual.

Now, disability campaigner Barry O’Connell, has said that the tacks were probably dropped to get bad scooter users off the streets. “Someone’s getting back at mobility scooter users, and the problem is how they’re driven,” he told a national newspaper.

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The campaigner added that some users hit pedestrians on their scooters and do not accept responsibility. But he said that the saboteur’s ‘solution’ was not appropriate as it poses a danger to blind people and guide dogs, which could be injured.

The town has a particularly high number of mobility scooter users and some users have reported having three punctures in a single week, all caused by roofing tacks.

Self-employed scooter repair man, Roger Ball, said that he was astonished at the surge in punctures, having fixed at least 15 scooters in two weeks, all of which had been damaged by roofing tacks.

A mobility dealership in the area also confirmed that it had repaired ‘quite a few’ mobility scooter punctures recently, saying around five cases had involved roofing tacks.

There has been growing concern around the safety of some mobility scooter users in UK towns and cities recently, spurring some dealerships to team up with local charities to host scooter safety and awareness initiatives. It is hoped that these events will improve scooter safety in the face of data showing an increasing number of serious incidents involving mobility scooters.

There are a number of mobility shops serving Clacton including Marks Mobility, Easy Mobility Services, Tendring Mobility Ltd, EDS Mobility and Essex Mobility Hire.

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