Clacton mobility experts fear ‘saboteur’ is to blame for surge in scooter blow-outs

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Mobility shops and engineers in Clacton-on-Sea have had their work cut out recently following a spate of scooter punctures, which many believe could be foul play rather than coincidence.

A sudden rise in the number of scooter punctures has been caused by roofing tacks getting stuck into the tyres of mobility scooters.

Some users have reported having three punctures in a single week, all caused by roofing tacks.

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A self-employed scooter repair man told a local newspaper that he was astonished at the surge in punctures.

“To get one puncture is bad luck, but to get three in less than a week is unbelievable. Over the last eight or nine weeks I’ve done at least eight or nine repairs,” Roger Ball told the Gazette.

“The strange thing is they have all been the same thing – new half-inch roofing tacks. They stick out like a sore thumb.”

Mr Ball noted that one victim purchased a £3,500 scooter which was punctured just two days later by a roofing tack, leading him to conclude the surge is no coincidence.

A mobility dealership in the area also confirmed that it had repaired ‘quite a few’ mobility scooter punctures recently, saying around five cases had involved roofing tacks.

Mr Ball added: “To have so many in a week is too much of a coincidence. It’s almost like someone is planting them.”

There are a number of mobility shops serving Clacton including Marks Mobility, Easy Mobility Services, Tendring Mobility Ltd, EDS Mobility and Essex Mobility Hire.

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