Changing Places land in US as momentum multiplies on home soil

CDA Changing Places – credit CDA

The Changing Places movement had landed in the US after a Chicago’s main airport had a facility installed, making it ‘the most accessible airport in North America’.

A number of UK airports, most notably Gatwick, have spent millions on having Changing Places facilities installed recently but the new equipment at O’Hare International Airport is a first for the US.

The fully-equipped accessible bathroom was designed by the Chicago Department of Aviation (CDA) to serve passengers with limited mobility.

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Located at O’Hare’s Terminal 2, the specialised 110 square-foot facility is equipped with an adult, adjustable changing table, passenger lift system, an accessible roll-in and transfer shower, and accessible toilet and sink.

The facility features a motorised ceiling hoist with a detachable sling and ample space for manoeuvring allows passengers who cannot stand or walk to use the bathroom comfortably.

Jamie L. Rhee, commissioner to the CDA, said O’Hare’s new Changing Places facility is “just the first step” and said the Airport Advisory Committee will be the “catalyst for additional innovations” going forward.

Sabrina Kimball, founder and CEO of Universal Changing Places, said: “This new facility provides everything needed by individuals who have self-care issues or are non-ambulatory in order to travel while having access to a changing facility that is safe and clean.”

Image credit: CDA

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