CASE STUDY: How AAT avoids disruption to family living after hospital discharge


Stairclimber specialist AAT has shared how it is supporting patients’ recovery at home without disrupting family life.

The company says its Class 1 medical device classified stairclimbers enable patients with reduced mobility to access their bath and bed once discharged, without them having to re-organise their home, which can have a negative impact on their mental wellbeing.

The German-engineered battery-powered kinematic unit can either incorporate a seat, replicating the support of a wheelchair, or be attached to most common types of wheelchair. The unit powers up and down stairs, transferring the patient from one level to another.

The government’s new Hospital Discharge Service: Policy & Operating Model maintains that 45% of patient are requiring up to six weeks’ recovery support from health & social services.

AAT sales director Peter Wingrave said: “One of the most common situations is that because of reduced mobility, the patient cannot get upstairs. Having to move a bed downstairs and alter how the floorspace is then used has a big impact on a patient- and their family, physical in their daily life, and mentally.

“We’ve already had a number of Occupational Therapists approach us, needing a solution to help a patient with reduced mobility return home. A stairclimber enables them to still access their home without the major disruption to rooms and other resident family members, and possible cost of having to move existing, or buy specialist, furniture.”

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AAT said its nationwide team of specialists can work alongside the Occupational Therapist to assess – free of charge – the suitability of a stairclimber for the property, the patient, and their carers.

It can also manage the whole process, from specification of any additional accessories if needed, supply of the equipment, and training of the carer who will operate the climber, ensuring a correct and safe solution.

Peter Wingrave added: “It’s about best value, not just in monetary terms but mental health & wellbeing too, for everyone involved. A stairclimber minimises the impact on every level.”

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