CASE STUDY: AAT stair climber proves most effective solution


AAT’s stair climber solution, originally intended as an interim ‘quick fix’, has become the preferred choice for one family and their daughter.

Rhiann Ellis has uncontrolled muscle spasms, and father Peter had been struggling to carry her up the stairs in the family home.

The property’s tight, curved staircase did not suit a stairlift, and the family was experiencing a long wait for the installation of a replacement through-floor lift.

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In the interim, they used AAT’s stair climber.

Several years later, and the through-floor lift installation was cancelled as the family preferred the stair climber technology.

AAT can provide same-day delivery for the stair climber, which does not require changes to the building and takes up little space.

“The stairclimber is so easy, and Rhiann feels safe in it. She is very routine-orientated,” explained Rhiann’s father, Peter Ellis. “AAT trained me and my wife, so either of us can use it on our own.

“For safeguarding, we have a harness attached so Rhiann is secure even if she has a seizure during the transfer process (she suffers from epilepsy too).

“We’ve had the stairclimber eight years now!

“The design of the staircase means it’s not practical to fit a stairlift, and to be honest, we prefer the stairclimber to the through-floor lift we had, as it frees up space with is in short supply anyway.

“The design of the stairclimber, with arms that swing out of the way to aid transfer, also makes moving Rhiann from it to her specialist hospital bed much easier for us.

“It reduces the strain on us physically, and reduces the number of transfers, as we can just slide her across.

“Before, we had to transfer her from the through-floor lift to an H hoist and then from the hoist to bed.”

Meanwhile, Gareth Brown, AAT’s technical director and NE regional manager, who expediated the Ellises’ situation, added: “Speed was essential to find a practical solution for the family.

“As the council did not have a stock stairclimber available, we hired them a demonstration model initially and ordered one in for them.

“Stairclimbers tend to be viewed as a short-term solution, but this one has certainly proven they can be a practical long-term solution too: the Ellis’ have had it eight years now!”

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