The Care Show to throw spotlight on improving experiences of disabled people

Purple Tuesday

Campaign groups Championing Social Care and Purple will shine a light on how the care sector can improve the experiences of disabled customers and staff at the Care Show next week.

Sharing their valuable insights on the subject will be Jonathan Freeman, Vice Chair of Championing Social Care and CEO CareTech Foundation, Adam Hutchison, Managing Director of Belmont Healthcare, Charlene Overend, Head of Business Partnerships at Purple, and Jonathon Brooks, director at Gilbert Meher.

The talk takes place on 14 October between 12.30pm and 13.10pm on the Keynote stage.

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Mike Adams, CEO, Purple, said: “Across the social care sector, there is a need to drive better awareness, understanding, knowledge and best in class practice for disabled people, both as service users and members of staff. 

“It’s noticeable how other sectors, such as retail, have jumped on this as a way to increase footfall and custom, it’s time social care shared in that model of success. 

“With more awareness and attention to accessibility the sector’s recruitment and retention woes could be a thing of the past, also a healthy rise in enquiries is likely to be noticeable as care becomes more inclusive to how people like and prefer to access services.

“Disregard every preconceived image you have of what it means to be disabled. It doesn’t just mean someone in a wheelchair; we’re tackling hidden disabilities too. These could be mental health issues, learning difficulties, recovering from serious illness, physical impairment, you can start to recognise that you may know more people than you think who have a disability, this is why it’s so important to recognise.

“22% of the population is disabled. That’s an opportunity to plug the recruitment gap by being an enabling environment not just for customers but employees. The spending power of disabled people and their families is worth £274 billion, yet less than 10% of organisations have a targeted plan to access the disability market. That’s an opportunity to increase enquiry opportunities!”

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