Buying habits and more revealed as mobility market goes under the spotlight

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A report has claimed to reveal the buying behaviours of customers in the mobility market in order to help industry professionals identify what consumers are looking for in providers, the most effective channels and whether marketing campaigns are hitting the mark.

The whitepaper summarised that when looking for mobility products people generally prioritise price and ease of use above all else. Accord’s survey received 300 responses which also indicated that when seeing advertisements for mobility products, people want to see honesty, plenty of information, representative images and videos of the product in use and transparent pricing.

A clear majority of respondents (92%) stated that they were involved in making the decision on which product to buy and the main reason cited for repurchasing from a company was excellent customer service (34%); 25% selected on product quality and 18% on price and discounted offers. Recommendation is clearly an extremely important source of referrals; 89% stated that they would be likely to recommend their supplier.

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The most important method of referral and recommendation is word of mouth. Facebook was by far the most popular social media channel for 80% of respondents. Searching for information through the internet was the most popular option (33%) next to receiving recommendations from family and friends (24%). The vast majority (88%) said that there was no particular time of the year when they would buy a mobility product.

It is estimated that 23% of the population will be over 65 by 2033, with people over 65 holding unmortgaged equity estimated to be worth £460 billion, indicating growing opportunities for members of the mobility industry.

David Johnson, agency director at Accord Marketing, said that the report challenges preconceived notions about the mature market and is “essential reading for business owners, marketing managers and digital strategists working within the mobility sector”.

“The findings are both interesting and thought-provoking. Whilst many marketers picture the over-50s as traditionally-minded, technologically illiterate and out-of-touch, nothing could be further from the truth.”

The full report can be accessed HERE.

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