Bristan puts needs of the elderly at the heart of its electric shower development


Bristan is reaching out to care home operators and contractors that build and renovate residences with its latest Joy Care electric shower.

The Joy Care thermostatic shower is designed to look similar to a normal domestic electric shower, but has a number of features that make it easier to use for elderly people with limited mobility or poor eyesight.

Lisa Ward, product group manager for electric showers, demonstrated the latest model to Care Home Professional, pointing out elements such as the temperature control dial, which is considerably larger than normal, can be turned using a single finger, an elbow or even a person’s nose, she explained

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Bristan Joy CareThe dial gives out an audible click as it is turned. The whole unit has larger lettering that is easy to read and a larger on/off button.

To avoid people needing to check whether water is up to the correct temperature, the on/off button has a light around it that changes colour when the shower is ready. There is also an optional bleeping system that sounds when the shower is ready, and can also be set to sound at a certain amount of time after the shower is switched on, and can even automatically turn off the shower.

Bristan is planning a major push into the care home market this year, with new marketing collateral for its sales team and a programme to reach out to care home operators and their contractors. Expert advice is given by a specifications team, and then sales and order fulfilment is typically done by a third party merchant or contractor.

Bristan support is available around the clock, with a team of “friendly experts” a phone call away, according to Kate Money, marketing manager – specification, for the company.

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  1. Does it have an extra long shower hose as well to reach under peoples shower chairs? Would like see it display actual temperature rather than just 1,2,3,4 etc is there a talking version for blind?

    1. Hi Angela, the unit featured in this article comes with a 2mtr hose, there’s no talking feature at present but it does have audible clicks and bleeps which sound during adjustment as well as raised markings around the dial, indicating + and – symbols, and a marker for the half way point.
      I hope this helps

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